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Using PPC: How it Affects your Business

Using PPC in your small business I’m asked quite frequently how to use programs such as AdWords, in particular, how to take advantage of everything PPC programs like these have to offer. Due to the high volume of inquiries on the subject, I wanted to share this blog with all the small business owners out there, not only to answer your questions, but also to help you to use AdWords to its full potential. In fact, even if your business […]

Punishment: Google Style

Crime and Punishment – Google Style This is nothing more than a commentary on selecting the optimisation tactics for a website, in terms of what’s “safe”, productive or cost-effective, considering Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Some people say that search engine optimisation is not exactly the sort of business a fellow gets into, looking for stability and consistency. I’d argue that it’s a lot more consistent than many trades, at least as long as you’re not one of those that likes to […]


Email Safety Precautions

Email Safety Precautions and Best Practices Some folks are very cautious about the sites they visit and the files they download, but are very careless about protecting themselves from exploitation via emails. So I thought I’d share some safety precautions you can utilize to keep from getting infected with various types of malware via your email accounts. First of all, let’s look at two different ways of handling your email: webmail and email clients. Webmail Webmail is what you’re using […]


Living in a Post-Penguin World

Living in a Post-Penguin World It’s been a while since I posted here, but it seems to me that I promised you some useful tips on optimizing your websites to make them easier to find via the search engines. For most of us, that activity centers mostly around Google. Some recent developments in the search world make me want to give you a little heads-up on some potential issues. Some history on Panda/ Penguin Updates A little over a year […]

I’m Just Passing Through

I’m Just Passing Through First, I suppose I ought to introduce myself. Everyone calls me Doc. I’ve tried a few times to shake that nickname, but after nearly forty years, I decided I was stuck with it so I just gave up. I’m a friend of Rob’s, just dropping in to help cover his absence while he’s off for a little well-earned relaxation.  I may not be as knowledgeable as he is, but I’ll try to make up for the […]